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Scholastic arrange a series of giveaways, reviews and guest posts for the launch of Mystery at the Ice Hotel.


"Not one but two brilliant female characters going up against the villains normally featuring boys makes for an outstanding read. Both Mackenzie and Chase are my favorite characters in a long time...A fantastic story featuring friendship, family and the ability to find a dead body even in the Arctic make this a gripping read." -- Bookish Outsider

 "Mystery books? Yes please!! Take a look at this great series from Sara Grant called Chasing Danger, full of adventure, mystery and loads of action." -- ArtsMum

"The author’s writing style is very punchy and action packed. You get the laughs as well as seriousness. The characters are well developed and good for many more books. Chase and Mackenzie really do show us what girl power can do!" 5 out of 5 stars

Luna asked so I give my five fave things about writing.

I reveal my five fave scenes in Mystery at the Ice Hotel.

Find out 10 random things (as well as embarrassing pics) about Mystery at the Ice Hotel.

"Mystery At The Ice Hotel was a fresh, exciting and invigorating read - that kept me on tenterhooks from the first to the very last page and gave me hope for a whole generation of girls and boys who would get to experience an adventure book with two female heroes at its heart!"

"Just as action-packed as the first book, the pace is relentless as the story hurtles towards its conclusion.  You’ll be hanging on by your fingernails as you try to figure out the killer before the girls do!"

"And these two books have action leaking from the pages that has you turning the page quickly while your heart races. Will it all go to plan this time? These books really got my heart thumping as I followed Chase and Mackenzie on their journeys. They have you jumping from one threat to the next until the final climax reveals everything for what it was. Add in a few twists a long the way and these books are utterly gripping."

 I share a bit about my process for Chasing Danger and Mystery at the Ice Hotel.


I'm part of a team of 8 UK-based authors who create edgy, issues-oriented fiction for young adults. I often write blog posts for the EDGE. Here are a few:

Check out The EDGE for more blogs from me and my fellow EDGE authors.

Half Lives featured on Amazon Blog!

I was invited to provide a guest post to's Kindle site. Why be normal? It was one of the questions I asked when writing Half Lives. Find out more about the inspiration behind the novel at Kindle Daily Post

Publishers Weekly reviews Half Lives

"Grant (Dark Parties) mines fresh material from the dystopian genre through an intriguing scenario and approach to the form. In the present day, 17-year-old Icie’s normal life is disrupted when her government advisor parents alert her to a biological threat and tell her to get to a shelter outside Las Vegas. En route, she encounters a perky, bald cheerleader named Marissa; young casino heir Tate; and a Native American teen named Chaske. Alternating with Icie’s tale is the story of a mountain cult in the future, in which teenagers like Beckett and Harper face the mysteries of the same base Icie and her friends are running toward, as well as their own connections to her world. Grant’s choice to tell two stories simultaneously works quite well, glimpses of each world hinting at the other (even before readers meet Marissa, for example, they know there’s a class of people in the future called “Cheerleaders”). Each story line stands on its own, but together they form a thought-provoking study of faith, misunderstanding, and survival." -- Publishers Weekly

Amnesty Using Dark Parties to Teach Human Rights

Amnesty has created a discussion sheet on Dark Parties for teachers. This is part of its ongoing initiative to use fiction to teach human rights. Visit their web site to download a copy of the Dark Parties discussion sheet.

Sparkling Review for the first two Magic Trix Books

"Both tales are, of course, beautifully written - this is Sara Grant, the lady behind all those inspiring writers' workshops, we're talking about. The stories themselves remind me of the Rainbow Fairies stories in their lightness of touch and sheer joy. But the Magic Trix stories are more plot rich and fulfilling too." -- JE Towey 

Magix Trix's First Review

"What a delightful debut for a magical new series for the 7 to 9 year olds. I loved this book from the first sentence…This is going to be an amazing series, I can feel it in my bones. One for every child to cherish for years to come. Move over Rainbow Magic, you have some new competition on your doorstep!" -- Serendipity Reviews

Orion Reveals the Cover of Sara's Next Teen Novel

Sara's next book is an apocalyptic thriller -- two linked futuristic tales about the nature of faith and the power of miscommunication. The book is scheduled for publication in the UK in May 2013.

New Look for Dark Parties in the US

Little, Brown re-designed the cover of Dark Parties. This jacket design will match nicely with the US cover for my next book Half Lives -- which will be published in the US in July 2013!

Another Good Review for DARK PARTIES

 "I really enjoyed this book and I would suggest it to everyone who likes dystopian. Actually, I would suggest it even if you don’t normally like dystopian because it has such a different feel compared to other books I have read. The world that is created is very dark and so unbelievable, I can’t wait to see what Sara Grant comes up with next!" -- Eve's Fan Garden

DARK PARTIES Honored with SCBWI Crystal Kite Award

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators recognizes 15 books from its 70 divisons around the world. DARK PARTIES was selected as the award winner for UK and Europe. For more information about the award and the other award-winning books, visit the SCBWI web site.

DARK PARTIES wins the 6th Annual BSC Book Tournament

Optionated celebrated the release of the HUNGER GAMES film by hosting a month-long book battle. DARK PARTIES was crowned the winner -- edging out some strong competition -- including UGLIES and MATCHED. Click here for all the tournament details!

Fab Review from J E Towey

"This is a fast paced, plot twisting story... As the story progresses the plot and the sexual tension increase together. Sara effortlessly guides us through the whole thing, throwing twists at surprising moments and laying on the agony for Neva until you can't believe she will ever be free. And then comes the final twist, and it's one you won't anticipate." Read J E Towey's review...

Teen Librarian says Dark Parties is 'dystopian science fiction at its best'

"Dark Parties is thought-provoking and at times uncomfortable but is utterly compelling and eminently readable!" -- Visit Teen Librarian for compelte review.

Great review from A Dream of Books 

"Sara Grant has a brilliant writing style which is engaging and draws the reader in.  I loved the plot and the characters and I was rooting for Neva the whole way through.   This is a very special debut by an exciting new author who's definitely one to watch." -- Read the full review. 

District YA 'highly recommends' Dark Parties

"There are so many twists and turns with the characters, my head was spinning at one point.  I honestly had no idea who I should trust & just when I thought I had made up my mind something would happen to change it all over again... I was on the edge of my seat for most of the story..." -- Visit District YA to read more. 

Books, Bonnets and Full-Frontal Blogging lists Dark Parties as one of it's top 8 books to look out for in 2012!

"This book is a dystopian thriller with friendship, love, family and sacrifice at the core. Or, to put it more succinctly, a 'corker'."  Read Liz's complete list and a guest post from Sara on her literary crushes

Great review for Dark Parties on Tall Tales & Short Stories 

‘Gripping from start to finish, the tension builds beautifully with each turn of the page.’ Read the full review and a Q&A with Sara

Readaraptor! recommends Dark Parties

"When I picked up Dark Parties I fell straight into the story and found it so difficult to put down, I kept wanting to read just one more page, which you know turns into two or three more at least! I was so engaged in the story that I just couldn’t stop thinking about it." Check out the full review...

Dark Parkies wins German prize

For the past 20 years the Nettetal library in Germany has awarded the Eselsohr prize to the book it considers the best book of the year. In 2011 this lovely group of German readers awarded the Eselsohr prize to NEVA (the German title for Dark Parties). Very flattering -- and, well, a-maz-ing!

We Love This Book reviews Dark Parties

"This is a wonderfully well-written novel. The imagery of the snowflake attached to Neva...suggests both her delicacy and uniqueness. The other main characters are well realised, as is Sara Grant’s trust in her readers, allowing us to discover facts about characters and her world along with Neva. Highly recommended for older teenagers." Read the complete review... 

The Pester Wolf reviews Dark Parties

 "...I fell for this story. I thought it was gripping and I was hooked by it. I want more." Read the full review...

Dark Parties was selected as one of the 'Best I've Read'

Check out Sara's guest blog and the other books and authors selected by Page Turners

Dark Parties the movie?

My Book, The Movie blog asked Sara who she would cast in a Dark Parties movie. See if you agree....

Dark Parties will be an audiobook in the UK

Nina Sosanya (from TEACHERS and SILK) is the voice of Neva. Thanks to Producer Peter Rinne and Orion's Pandora White for an outstanding audio version of DARK PARTIES. It will be available to download in January 2012!


Book Dreaming selects DARK PARTIES as the kick a**** debut of 2011 Read Blogger Shannon O'Donnell's comments on the book and a Q&A with Sara.

And the reviews keep coming...

“I was hooked in a matter of pages and had to force myself to put. the. book. down. around 3AM...Dark Parties was reminiscent of some of my favorite YA dystopian novels (The Giver, City of Ember, Delirium) but still had a feel that was all its own...The author also captured the depth and changeability of teenage emotion in several of the characters...I devoured the sizzly tension between Neva and Braydon, but appreciated that she was torn between her feelings for him and loyalty to her best friend...Overall, this book was engaging, well-paced, and romantic...I would definitely read a sequel, or any other book by this author...” -- Reading for Sanity


“Thing is - this is a phenomenal book! I'll just lay all my cards on the table immediately - I was floored... This book is romantic, painful, honest, scary, and engrossing. I was so into it, so involved in each horrifying twist, that there were moments near the end where I was practically forgetting to breathe. I became one with the narrative and it was all about turning pages - the clinically diagnosed bibliophile in me was fully alert.” --  Bibliophile Support Group


"The best thing about this book is the fact that it is unpredictable till the very LAST page. Just when you think you've figured out what happens next, something totally and completely unexpected happens. Sara Grant's writing keeps you hooked and engrossed till the very last page and if you are looking for a new dystopian fiction this is the book for you!" -- Young Readers a YA Book Blog


"It's definitely a book that pulls you in and one you can't put down easily. The characters' relationships were well built (and all seemed to keep well with the way the Dark Parties society functioned), the tension was high (sometimes very) and I loved the world/society that was built. This is a wonderful first YA novel (it's be a wonderful second or third, too!) and I hope Sara Grant has more YA published in the future." -- Book Sp(l)ot


Sara featured on frontpage of hometown newspaper

Sara was interviewed by the Washington Times-Herald in Washington, Indiana, when she visited her hometown in September. She spoke to hundreds of students at her old high school. Read more...


More great reviews. See what others are saying about Dark Parties:

Dark Parties started out SO freaking awesome!...This book is fast paced and WICKED suspenseful! Yet really romantic, sweet and sensual... There's death, betrayal and most of all hope.” -- The Bookish Brunette


“I have to say that it was probably Grant’s writing style that truly drew me in; I was hooked by the way she was able to so perfectly captures the uncertainty, fear, and longing in Neva’s life, all in just the first chapter. Then she continued to reel me in closer to the heart of the story with such impeccable pacing and plotting until the very satisfying conclusion. Dark Parties is so much more than a mere summary of review can every do justice. It drags up old ideas and forces the reader to really examine them closely. This is one of those rare books that provides both thrilling entertainment and a good reason to reevaluate one’s outlook and values.” -- The Book Muncher

Dark Parties launches in the United States

As of August 3rd, Dark Parties is now available in the US!


Great Review from Library Media Connection

"With vivid imagery and realistically portrayed teen angst and emotions, Grant creates a believable, if horrifying, world peopled with interesting and well developed characters...There are plenty of twists and turns. The conclusion is satisfying but leaves things open for a sequel, which should seriously be considered. Grant is a debut author to watch." 

More Blog Reviews for DARK PARTIES

Here are a few highligh quotes, click the link to read the whole review.

“I absolutely loved this book. I could not put it down for anything, and when I was not reading it, I was thinking about it. Grant creates a very believable world, and such strong characters.” – Books Complete Me

“Don't expect to get anything done while reading it because it's INTENSE!  And fabulous. It's exactly the way any dystopian should be.” – Candace’s Book Blog 


Sara Nominated for Outstanding Volunteer Award

Sara is a long-time volunteer for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) -- both in the US and UK. She has been nominated for the SCBWI British Isles outstanding volunteer award. Read more about her nomination


Check out the promotional video for DARK PARTIES from Little, Brown!

Sara's First Trade Review in the US

DARK PARTIES receives a great review in the May 15, 2011 issue of the American Library Association's Booklist. The reviewer notes that "it's really the heart-pounding rush of twists that will induce extreme page turning."


Critically Acclaimed Young Adult Author Praises DARK PARTIES 

“A striking, timely tale, beautifully written and precisely observed. Neva is a stunning protagonist, a determined, idealistic, flawed young woman who brings light into the dark places of her world.” – Karen Healey, author of GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD and THE SHATTERING


Sara's First Blog on The Edge

Sara discusses the tight rope walk of writing edgy fiction. Check out her blog post at The Edge. 

Check Out These First Blog Reviews for DARK PARTIES

Read the full review by clicking the links below:

"I loved this book. I'm so sad it doesn't come out until August, because it is  awesome! It's unlike anything I've ever read, and believe me when I tell you that the blurb DOES NOT do it justice." -- Book Dreaming


"This is definitely a book to look out for. It's a GREAT summer read and a definite page turner. Dark Parties is very suspenseful with a good and light romance. It's fast paced and keeps you guessing. It was very hard for me to put the book down once I picked it up."  -- Good Choice Reading


"The story will keep you turning pages until you get to the exciting conclusion." --  Edifying and Edgy

"...enjoyed the fast pace of this book, it started off fast and kept going all the way to the end.  The book is reminiscent of other similar dystopia's but Sara has added her own touch and made this story line completely her own. Can't wait to see what happens next, I hope she continues the story." -- Page Turners


Sara joins seven other UK-based writers on The Edge. Check out the group's first blog by Bryony Pearce, author of soon to be released ANGEL'S FURY. She asks: What the Heck is Edgy Fiction? 

NEVA Voted Number One By Lovely Books

According to Lovely, a big online readers community in Germany, NEVA was the best hardcover release in March 2011. Click here for the complete list and what German readers are saying.  


Sara's First Blog Tour

Sara was asked to participate in a blog tour in the US titled A Cornucopia of Dystopia. Between March 21 and April 18, fifteen bloggers will post interviews, reviews, guest posts and giveaways from the eight authors with young adult dystopian novels coming out in 2011. 


Hungendubel bookstore in Munich!
Hungendubel bookstore in Munich!

Sara Visits Germany to Launch NEVA

In March, Sara visited Munich, Berlin, and the Leipzig for the launch of DARK PARTIES. In Germany, it's called NEVA -- after the main character. This is the first time Sara had ever seen her novel on sale at a book store. She read from her novel and answered questions from her German editor and readers at the Leipzig bookfair. And signed several books -- which she'll tell use was quite a surreal experience. It's pretty amazing for a girl from the small town of Washington, Indiana, to debut her novel in Germany. 

See what readers are saying about NEVA!