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Event Ideas

 Sara is an enthusiastic and experienced presenter. She equally enjoys speaking to a room full of teenagers or an auditorium full of readers. She endeavours to make writing fiction accessible and enjoyable for everyone. She’s given writing workshops in the US, UK and Europe. She would be happy to work with you to create an experience that’s right for your audience. If you are interested in creating an event with Sara, please contact her at sara(at)


Some ideas include:


 Book Chat

Sara can share the evolution of the idea – from spark to publication – as well as discuss the opportunities and challenges of creating dystopian fiction. How do you create a world, inhabit it with dynamic and flawed characters, and develop a plot with pace and power? Her presentation blends brief readings from Dark Parties with interactive elements.


Creative Writing Workshops

Sara can tailor a presentation to help teachers and librarians fulfil their key stage requirements. She’s happy to talk in-depth about creative writing, focus on a particular aspect of writing – plot, character, setting, etc. – or work one-on-one with students on fiction writing projects. Sara’s favourite presentation is a ‘crash course’ in creating fiction. Through brainstorming and character and plotting exercises, Sara collaborates with the audience to develop a story by the end of the session.


Workshop on Revision

A first draft is only the first step on the road to publication. Reading and re-reading a manuscript is not enough. How can writers get beyond line-editing and really roll up their sleeves and make a good story great? Sara has developed a series of tips and tricks to help writers review and re-build their manuscripts. She will share how to bring a fresh eye to their stories and find and correct what’s not working. Sara can provide an hour-long, high-level presentation on revision or up to a day-long, hands-on workshop.


Book Groups

If time and travel permit, Sara is happy to attend book groups in person or via Skype. She would be happy to lead discussions on her book or other appropriate teen fiction.